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Hydraulic & Pneumatic Fittings Engineered for Industrial & OEM Applications

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Fittings

Seward Screw manufactures custom-engineered hydraulic and pneumatic fittings along with adapters for a range of industrial, commercial and consumer products. Our hydraulic and pneumatic fittings deliver reliable, long-lasting performance within your hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Custom Engineered Hydraulic & Pneumatic Fittings Manufactured to your Design

At Seward Screw, we apply our innovative engineering capabilities to manufacture your custom hydraulic and pneumatic fittings and components. Through state-of-the-art manufacturing processes such as CNC machining, Rotary Transfer and other machining processes, we bring your designs to life with world class quality.

We have the capability to manufacture custom fittings utilizing a CNC net-shape part or near-net shape using the best process for the parts’ unique geometry and volume. For example, a cold-formed, near-net-shape part with CNC or rotary transfer finish. Our advanced engineering capabilities streamline the entire production process for a cost-effective solution.

Our experienced engineers can make the recommendations for dimensional and material considerations, so that our optimized manufacturing processes benefit your products for optimal cost and quality.

Our custom hydraulic and pneumatic fittings are utilized in precision systems found in an array of commercial products and industrial equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Motorcycles
  • Snowmobiles
  • ATVs
  • Automobiles
  • Off-highway equipment
  • Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Architectural hardware
  • Mechanical building maintenance devices
  • Healthcare devices
  • Personal and professional grooming equipment
  • Hand tools
  • Snow-making equipment
  • Highway maintenance equipment

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Hydraulic and Pneumatic Fittings

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