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Precision CNC-Machined Motor Shafts & Custom OEM Shaft Components

Seward Screw, LLC delivers precision motor shafts CNC machined to your custom close-tolerance specifications. We specialize in producing motor shafts and related components for both OEM and custom applications.

Designed with decades of combined engineering innovation and CNC machined from premium steel alloys, our precision shafts deliver superior performance and maximum service life.

Precision Motor Shafts

Case Study: Seward Screw’s Precision Steel Pivot Shafts Save a Motorcycle Manufacturer $400,000 Annually

Seward Screw collaborated with our customer, a manufacturer of motorcycles, in the re-design of their existing “pivot shaft” and “pivot bushing/nut” parts to solve application issues with loosening and to reduce the cost of the rear suspension’s pivot assembly system.

The pivot shafts were being machined from a costly pre-hardened 4140 alloy steel. The external thread design changed to an internal thread design. The resulting changes to the joint enabled us to suggest a lower cost, faster machining material grade that resulted in a significant cost reduction.

The two mating pivot bushings/nuts were being machined from bar stock, followed by an application of Scotch-Grip™ thread adhesive applied to the internal threads. The internal threads and thread adhesive were no longer needed and we offered a cold-formed part as a replacement for the costly machined part. This resulted in another significant cost savings over the slower machining process.

The resulting changes in design, manufacturing processes and materials saved our customer 30% or approximately $400,000 annually.

Precision Motor Shafts

Seward Screw Can Engineer and Manufacture the Perfect Precision Shaft for Your Custom Product or Prototype Application

Seward Screw supplies industry-leading CNC-machined motor shafts, precision cold-headed components and turnkey assemblies to quality-focused OEMs and specialized distributors in a range of industries.

Our custom precision shafts are found in an array of commercial and industrial products ranging from:

  • Motorcycles
  • Snowmobiles
  • ATVs
  • Automobiles
  • Off-highway equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Architectural hardware
  • Mechanical building maintenance devices
  • Healthcare devices
  • Personal and professional grooming equipment
  • Hand tools
  • Snow-making equipment
  • Highway maintenance equipment
Precision Motor Shafts

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