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A Case Study in Collaborative Manufacturing – Custom Pivot Shaft & Pivot Bushing / Nut

Seward Screw, LLC collaborated with one of the market’s leading manufacturers of motorcycles to optimize their suspension linkage components. Our engineering experts assisted in the production improvement of their existing “pivot shaft” and “pivot bushing nut”

Additionally, the manufacturer’s goal was to reduce the cost of the rear suspension’s pivot assembly system without compromising quality or durability.

The Initial Component: Costly and Overly Complex

The pivot shafts were being machined from a costly pre-hardened 4140 alloy steel. The customer changed the external thread design to an internal thread design.

The resulting changes to the joint enabled us to suggest a lower cost, faster machining material grade that resulted in a significant cost reduction.

​The two mating parts were being machined from bar stock, followed by an application of thread locking adhesive applied to the internal threads.

The Seward Screw Solution: Machining Optimization and Cold Formed Manufacturing

The internal threads and thread adhesive were no longer needed and we produced a cold formed part as a replacement for the costly machined part. This resulted in another significant cost savings over the slower machining process.

The resulting changes in the customer’s design, manufacturing processes, and materials saved our customer 30% or approximately $400,000 annually.

Quality and Efficiency Is Engineered into All of Our Precision Machined and Cold Formed Products

Want to know how our optimized selection of manufacturing methods can enhance your own custom-machined components?

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