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Seeing Is Believing – A Case Study on Our State-of-the-Art CNC Machining Facility

In the manufacturing industry, the quality you see in product images unfortunately isn’t always the quality you receive. At Seward Screw, LLC, we pride ourselves on delivering truly pristine production quality with close-tolerances. One look around our cutting-edge manufacturing facility is proof of our dedication to precision.

Case in Point: A Discerning Custom Industrial Parts Buyer Visits Seward Screw, LLC for the First Time

A parts buyer learned about us via our website and requested a quote. He submitted a sketch of the part they were looking for, and our engineers and estimators worked to quickly send a quote back.

The company was interested in the budgetary number, but still weren’t entirely convinced, so they requested a meeting at our facilities.​

One visit to Seward Screw made the difference. Impressed with both our plant and the knowledge of our dedicated staff, the company hired us that very day. The customer went from considering us as a possible back-up source to offering us the entire family of parts as the primary source.

Come See Our Versatile Screw Machining Solutions for Yourself

If your production requires custom CNC / screw machined parts with unparalleled quality and consistency, you’ve found your single-source provider with Seward Screw, LLC.

However, don’t simply take our word for it. Put our versatile manufacturing capabilities to the test with a new part inquiry or come tour our state-of-the-art machining facility.